Baby Groot Photoshoot

Baby Groot Photoshoot

If you have seen the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avenger's Infinity Wars, then you will be familiar with the character of Groot.  Groot goes through various stages of development in the films but by far the cutest is his smallest baby form. He is just so stinking adorable that I asked the Maddog to make one for me. And he did!

In order to get the 3D printer to make any print, you'll need a good 3D object file. You can either hope to find an existing one on a 3D printing site like Thingiverse or make it in your favorite CAD program.

Check out the video  (since the Blog software won't let me insert the video into the blog.)

You'll see that Matlock's Baby Groot 3D Print with supports looks super messy. We printed one with supports and one without. The final version had no supports. 

Once the non-supports print version was finished, it was time for the little guy to go into the paint booth to get a fresh coat of paint (or two).

Matlock's 3D Baby Groot gets a paint job.

 Matlock 3D Baby Groot in Paint Booth


After our Baby Groot is finished, he gets some High Gloss to shine him up. The next thing he needs is his own photoshoot.  Fortunately, I already had a make-shift studio set up to do product shots. We had to get him into the modeling mood.

Matlock Trading Company 3D Baby Groot Photoshoot

Matlock's 3D Baby Groot Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot


In the end, he turned out to be a great model. I particularly like the darker, moodier version. I'm partial to the Rembrandt (he made it famous) lighting one side of the face. (I know it should have had more light. I like it this way. Don't judge me.)

 Matlock's 3D Baby Groot Rembrandt Lighting

Matlock's 3D Baby Rembrandt Groot 

He's done and adorning our office. If you like him, drop us a line. Or comment on him on our Instagram or Facebook page.

Matlock Trading Company's 3D Baby Groot

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