Maddog and Mermaid - The Birth of a Brand

Maddog and Mermaid - The Birth of a Brand

Every one loves a creation story. Every brand or business has one. The best brands that become iconic have seven elements that turn them from a brand into a verb. Brands like Google, Kleenex, Coca Cola are all examples of a name that has turned into a word to describe an action: search, wiping up snot or drinking a soda pop.  Well, here's our Matlock Trading Company creation story of our Maddog and Mermaid brand. 



Back in the day, when Mark was at High School, he used to be a boxer.  Actually, he was quite good at it. Not that he liked to beat up on people but rather that he is a fierce competitor. He took on the boxing name as Mark "Maddog" Matlock and the Maddog has stuck ever since.  All of his closest friends and family (and now you) will tend to refer to him by this moniker.  (He will answer to "HoneyBunny" but usually only by me and when no one is around.) 

Mark Maddog Matlock - Matlock Trading Company Maddog and Mermaid Blog

(Mark "Maddog" Matlock) circa 1979 

He remains just as handsome.


The mermaid story starts a little younger for me. Back when I was a mere lass of eight, when the 1972 Summer Olympics were on (dating me... I know), there was the swimming predecessor of Michael Phelps, called Mark Spitz. There wasn't much in female swimming inspiration back then except for the East German women's team (who seemed to be overly muscled at that time). So, after being glued to the TV watching each race, I would get out into our community pool and practice my butterfly and freestyle strokes just like Mark Spitz. I did that for many years so that I could try out for the 1980 Olympics when I would be old enough to compete. Well, I kept up the swimming as much as I could as a kid that didn't have a backyard pool, nor the money to get training. I didn't get to try out for the Olympic Team and worse, the USA boycotted the 1980 Summer Games. I never would have gotten to compete anyways.  It all worked out in the end.

But my love for swimming never faded. When I became an adult, I got into doing triathlons. Would you guess that my forte was swimming? Probably, but no one ever wins a triathlon from swimming. I sure didn't.  More on my biking and running another day....

Kim Matlock Swimming Triathlon Maddog & Mermaid Blog Matlock Trading Company

Kim Matlock - circa 2005


The one thing that has remained consistent in the 35+ years that the Maddog and I have been together is our love for the sea and all things in the water. We are probably the happiest, whether separately or together, when we are at, near or in the water. Mark worked for many years at Sea World and my dream was always to swim with the killer whales (I had my chance twice to get that job but didn't see it through either time. Long story.)  We have been fortunate to own a boat that we have taken out at every chance, now and all the years we raised our boys. We are blessed to continue now with our grand kid. 

Maddog and Mr. H fishing Maddog and Mermaid Blog Matlock Trading Company Maddog and Mr. H (our grandson) 


When we decide that we had enough of corporate life, we decided that we wanted spend more time doing the things we loved outdoors. We knew we wanted to surround ourselves with items, clothes, images and inspiration that kept those outdoor memories fresh in every thing we did, how we dressed and the environment in which we live. That's what inspired us to create Matlock Trading Company. We made the Maddog & Mermaid brand to create or source items that would resonate with others of what being in, on or near the water means in their memories. We are all creations born from water. So, is our brand.