Making Masks

Making Masks

Certainly, we are living in very uncertain times. As a small online business, it is alarming how the shutdown for the novel Coronavirus (CoV-19) has affected us and everyone else.  When life feels out of control for me, I have to do something.  (For those that know me, I pretty much have to do something all of the time).  However, when I saw that healthcare workers were asking for even homemade masks, I knew this was something I could do to help in a small way. 

I dug into my stash of fabric to see what I had on hand. Much of what I have is for interior decorating and not suitable for masks, however this great snake print was, so I watched a few Your Tube videos and whipped up five of them. Snake skin mask


I posted this picture on Facebook and was surprised at the number of requests I received from friends in the healthcare field, some with underlying health problems and some who just want the piece of mind.  That encouraged me to make some more.  On Saturday, I got more fabric and elastic from the local JoAnn Fabrics. Now, I have enough for 200 masks.

mask fabric

I've finally gotten a single person factory routine down now to pump out the sewing for these masks.

Here's a few:MTC packaged masks

 All going to charity right now. Please let me know who needs one.  


We're in this together!


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