National Taco Day Meets Taco Madness

National Taco Day Meets Taco Madness

Today marks that day of the year that we celebrate Tacos. By some vested authority, October 4th has been dubbed National Taco Day.  Throngs of people all over America have been baited with coupons, deals and BOGOs to experience this delicious treat at a local taco making establishment to pay a special hommage  by partaking in the ritual of honoring the small but mighty taco by consuming as many as you can.

(It’s also National Vodka Day which is kind of weird given that it would have made more sense to have had Tequila share the day)

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Unlike some who may randomly celebrate every Tom, Dick or Harry made up holiday, I decide to rally around this under the radar national recognition for a few particular reasons:

1.  I love Tacos.

Apparently, I’m not alone. There were 4.5 billion eaten last year according to the National Taco Day website. This has to be a grossly understate fact given that all households in the U.S. can't possibly report their homemade tacos numbers to the taco counting governing authorities. I know that I don't. I'm not even sure where to do it. Regardless, it is still a shit ton of tacos nonetheless. A few people out there must love them too. 

2. The Word Taco Means Sandwich

The only thing I love more than a taco is a sandwich. I was actually ignorant to the fact that the word taco is the Mexican equivalent to the word ‘sandwich’. How is that even possible for someone who has eaten arguably the best tacos in the world at a roadside restaurant near Tulum in Mexico, who has several of her very best friends that are native Spanish speakers, who has lived in Florida almost her whole life to not know the meaning of the word in this day and age? I’m embarrassed, to say the least. I have to make up for it.

3. Taco is easy to Pronounce

It was the first brand word that our grandson, Mr.H knew by sight and could articulate at the age of three. You see, Mr. H had a difficult time learning how to talk due to some early hearing complications . Yet, two of the words that were always clear to understand was ‘Taco Bell’. ( the other is chickennuggetfrenchfries which you have to say sort of like ‘"Super-Cali-Fragil-Istic-Espi-Ali-Docious" )  Anyway, it was like music to our ears. So, I have extremely fond memories of hearing the word ‘taco’ coming out of his mouth.

Which brings me back to National Taco Day that inspired me to create a taco pattern that I was able to incorporate into a variety of mediums to make my first apparel collection called ‘Taco Madness’. It certainly is madness to create a line around a food theme but hey, what the heck? No one else has done it.

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Where are all you Taco lovers who can claim eating one or two of those 4.5 billion tacos?

Show your taco love and support this worthy cause of spreading Taco Madness to the rest of the world or at least, around your friends. Get your Taco Madness gear today. I thank you and so do the taco counting governing authorities.