You Have to Get Wet

You Have to Get Wet

For my birthday, the Maddog got me a new GoPro and I have been itching to get it out in the water for several weeks now.  We finally had a chance to get over to the beach to do our most favorite hobby of sifting for shark teeth fossils and twisty shells.  

It was a spectacular late fall day in Florida with the temperature a cool 72 degrees.  The water was about the same temperature which means it was FREEZING. After a few minutes, our legs were numb and it was sort of pleasant.  Sort of.  

With much trepidation that the GoPro wasn't really as waterproof as they claimed, I submerged it with a hope and a prayer.  It worked! Unfortunately, the water was much murkier than usual and the footage of millions of minnows didn't turn out.

All of our fellow fossil hunters were just combing the water's edge. No one was venturing out We were the only ones in the water and we were the only ones finding shark teeth.  That's when the Maddog said that "if you want to find shark teeth, you have to get wet".

Here's my new Scorsese film epicof Maddog Outdoors last Sunday.